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Are you planning to relocate abroad?

  • Are you a Producer or Exporter and want to export your goods to another country?
  • Are you a Merchant who desires to send samples of your merchandise?
  • Do you a have child who is studying abroad?
  • Are you travelling and wish to send excess baggage economically, Door to Door?
  • Do you need help packing? Do you require professional packaging for items requiring storage for transportation at a later date?
  • Do You Need Packaging Materials?
  • Do you need to send urgent documents or packages abroad with a Courier service?
  • Do you need to transport your pet to your new country of residence?
  • Do you need to transport your automobile or motorcycle to Australia, America, Europe or the Middle East?

  Contact KANGA SERVICES and together we will find the ideal and most cost effective solution that suits your needs!
With humility and respect we are at your service!

Our highly experienced customer service staff will undertake the following:

  1. Responsible and timely communication regarding your consignments, from the initial stage of cost estimations and planning, to the successful completion of the consignment to the final delivery point.
  2. Ongoing communication throughout every phase of the delivery process in order to minimize customer anxiety. Our experienced and courteous customer service staff will inspire confidence from first contact.
  3. Coordinate and track your consignments in close cooperation with you. Each important step will also have your own approval, because only with close collaboration with our customers can we achieve the best result.

  We are at your disposal to liaise with you and to fulfill your transport needs abroad! It will be our pleasure that our experience and our knowledge will be of assistance to you!

Contact us at our Customer Service Center for services within Greece and the rest of the world on the following telephone numbers:  +30 210 52.33.393- +30 210 52.22.257
OR send an email to : courier@kanga.gr.
It is our pleasure and honor to serve you!



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+30 210 6466400